Worship: It’s not just the music

A trap that church-goers can fall into is thinking that Worship is music, and that the only possible way to worship is to sing a song or bask in the ambience created by talented musicians.
The fact is that music is just a tool to a means. If the means is to worship God, then music is just a tool.
I know many people that find that they can’t worship using song. [pullquote]They find it awkward to sing, or don’t find that they can connect with God.[/pullquote]
The main reason why song and music is used, is because it seems to be the most effective way of connecting with God on another level, and also the most effective way for a congregation to worship together as one voice. All through the Psalms and Isaiah it mentions singing praise to God, and making a joyful noise unto the Lord. In Colossians 3.16, Paul suggests that the congregation “…Sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs to God with thankful hearts.”
But, read what Paul wrote to the Romans:
“And so, dear brothers and sisters, I plead with you to give your bodies to God because of all he has done for you. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice—the kind he will find acceptable. This is truly the way to worship him.” – Romans 12.1 NLT
The reason I like this verse is because it mentions that to truly worship Him, we must live out lives as a sacrifice. It mentions nothing about music.
But what does this mean? What is this true worship Paul mentions? How do I worship God? I have 5 practical suggestions as to what true worship is:

  1. Live Each Day as an Act of Worship – Wake in the morning and choose to serve Him in everything that you do that day, no matter how trivial. Be a humble ambassador for Christ, for you are not serving this world, but God’s Kingdom.
  2. Choose to Worship – Worship is a choice. You can choose to keep your heart hard, bottled up and kept to yourself. Or, you can choose to open your heart and your soul to God. This might be expressed in song, or a mantra, or an image, or movements. You can choose to keep this worship to yourself, or you can choose to share it with God and with others.
  3. Everything You do, Do unto the Lord – Serve God as you drive to work by being considerate to others. Serve God as you eat lunch by saying grace, and enjoying that which He has provided. Serving others is an act of humility; and to be able to worship God truly, it requires a humble heart.
  4. Put Self Aside – As I’ve just mentioned, humility is an important part of service and worship. Every decision we make affects us, and affects others. Too often we can make a decision based on what we want. Next time, stop and think. Think: What decision would the other person want me to make? What decision will benefit them? Put yourself to one side for just a moment, and humble yourself for someone else.
  5. Make God the Centre – Making God the centre of your life is one way to truly worship Him in the things you do. With your heart focussed on Him, you will find it easier to feel like you are worshipping Him. It will help you to live as a Christian each day of the week, instead of just on Sundays, and help you to move away from the myth that singing is the only way to worship Him.
All this aside, I find there is no better feeling that basking in the presence of God as a congregation worships with you, lifting up their praise, lifting up their hands, lifting up their hearts. [pullquote]God falls and covers you in a deep way that nothing else I have found can do. It hits deep inside your heart and everything else disappears.[/pullquote] That feeling is what I long for each and every time I worship. That feeling is why I pour my heart and soul into worship at church, so that the congregation might come to experience what I have experienced.
With all of this, the most important thing to remember is that God knows our heart. He knows how we feel. He knows how we worship. All He asks is that we choose to worship.


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