Choose to Worship

So you’ve come to church, again. Things havent been going well for you. The latest deadline at work passed on Friday and the project wasnt complete. Your dad’s just been diagnosed with cancer, and your mate was just over at your place telling you that things are over with his 6 year marriage.
You enter into the auditorium, fake a smile to those that greet you, and wait for the singing to start.
You’ve never really liked singing. It’s not a very manly thing to do. You’re far to macho to be caught singing. Especially when the words of the song are talking about love, and beauty, and grace. And especially when you’re tone deaf and couldn’t hold a tune to save yourself. What if those around me heard? Oh the embarrassment.
The first song starts. You stand and subconsciously fold your arms. Your heart slumps as the song is that old one you’ve heard a million times before. What’s more, they aren’t even playing it the way you like it. Too much guitar and drums. You look at your watch and can’t believe that it’s not lunch time already. Mmmm lunch. Pizza or pie? Or maybe chips and a sandwich?
Around you, the other voices lift and rise, and one voice is unfortunately out of tune. Oh embarrassing. You snigger to yourself. You even turn around to see who it is.
It’s this guy. You don’t remember his name. But you know that last year his wife passed away in a car accident. Drunk driver hit her. He has 2 small children to look after. Last week you over heard him saying how the company he worked for was going into receivership. Yet here he is, eyes closed, hands raised, singing his heart out, albeit out of tune. But he doesn’t seem to care.
You realise that he has made a choice.
He has put aside his own thoughts and feelings.
He put his song and music preferences behind him.
He has even put aside his own pride and shame to sing, even though he’s out of tune.
He’s put aside the troubles and worries that he has, if only for a moment.
He is choosing to worship with all that he has.
And because of that, he is able to truly worship God.
And God is able to truly bless him.

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