Mandolin: Alpha

Last week I ordered my very first (and possibly last) Mandolin kit set. It is a SAGA Mandolin Kit AM-10.
I have begun on this weekend project in order to get me away from the drab boringness of Facebook and TV. So far, none of it has been done in the weekend – such is the blessing of school holidays!
I don’t want to make a “look as you go” blog, where photos pop up as I progress. Rather, I will post many of the photos at the end of the project as one blog article called “How to Build a Mandolin” (which may turn into a How NOT to build a Mandolin!).
Here are a couple, just to give you an idea of what I found inside the box.


  1. Hey Al,
    My name is brad and i am currently in year 10 (Year 11 in NZ) at sutherland shire christian school in Sydney. I used to live in Lower Hutt and moved over around 5 years ago (useless info).
    Anyways, to the point, i have just received my saga AM 10 mandolin kit and are about to commence the build for design and tech at school, and i have found your website very helpful and interesting (you will make an appearance on my bibliography). I am having trouble with the build because it did not come with a manual and i have scoured the internet looking for a copy and have been unable to find one. In one of your pictures i saw the manual and was wondering if you could be so kind as to scan it to me? This would be very helpful, i will use it in conduction with your ‘how to build a mandolin’ article.
    Thanks man, ill be in touch,
    Brad Holmes, Sydney.
    P.S what school do you teach at, and what do you teach?

    • Yup. I’m not too sure as to where the manual is now is the only trouble. I will have a hunt for it and if I can find it, I’ll scan it through to your email.
      I’m teaching over the hill in Wainuiomata at Arakura School. Year 5/6 so I teach a little bit of everything!
      Best of luck with your build!

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