Guitar: Small Worship Team


So you’re in a small worship team. There may be a keyboardist, a drummer and of course, you on guitar.
What is your role?
What is theirs?
These questions well answer and give you a few ideas on things you can try next time you play.

What is Your Role?

In a small team, you’ll no doubt want to play acoustic guitar. You’ll find that this fits with the mix a lot nicer. Your role is to play the rhythm and to do this you’ll need to lock in with the drummer. Try finding different strum patterns to master and stick with them in the song. Don’t play complicated fills or try and solo. It’s best in a small team to fill that mid range and rhythm with nice big, simple strums on open chords.
For keys that are a little more difficult to play open, such as F and B, use a capo and aim to transpose so you are playing in C or G which are easier. For instance, playing in G with capo at 4 will mean you are playing in B, and can add a nice feel and sound to your guitar.

What Are Their Roles?

In this instance, the drums provide the foundation and you will need to follow them. A basic guide is to make sure at least that your down-strum is at the same time as the drummer hits the snare drum. You’ll be surprised at how this tightens up the end sound.
The keyboard should provide the main fill sound that fleshes out the sound, and provide the additional pieces such as intro riffs or melodies.

Things to Try

  • As mentioned, try using a capo, up to anywhere in the range of 7th fret. Any higher and it begins to get difficult to fit your fingers in ( – but not impossible!).
  • Try using a reverb pedal or effect on the channel on the sound desk. It will fill out your sound and give your guitar much more presence.
  • Begin a song using simple arpeggios, individually picking notes of a chord in a regular pattern.

I hope this gives you some ideas as to where you fit as a guitarist in a small worship team, and maybe give you some things to try next time youre on stage.

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