VTec Subframe

The fabrication of the front subframe that will house the VTec in MAHVIN is just about finished. Today the under support arms went on which firmed up the wings and engine mounts no end.

Up until now, the Engine has been supporting the subframe as we built the subframe around it to fit. Now, for the first time, the subframe will now be supporting the engine.

This will be the first step into fitting the VTec into the Mini.

Here you can see the final weldup of the under support arms. 

There is still a little bit of work to do, and the fishplates still have to go on to sure up the joins, but for now, its strong enough to do its job. 

The front subframe is about 90% complete. There is still a front bar to put across the front of the subframe to support across the gap.  There are also a few small adjustments still to make. 

Eventually I also put the measurements on to a photo similar to this incase anyone else wants to replicate a subframe for putting a VTec in a classic Mini.

The front subframe combining the original towers and the new supports and engine mounts.
A view from the front showing the under support arms in place. Note the level on the top bar. This is also level with the bulkhead when the subframe is in the car. Coincidence? Fluke? Or just good design?
A top view of the subframe. Eventually I will use this view to list the mesurements as well.
The gearbox side engine mount. This also shows the amalgamation of the new with the old, as well as some of the modifications and cut outs from the original subframe.
The cam side engine mount. Note the pivot bolt holding it together at the moment. This is also a feature of the opposite engine mount. Eventually both engine mounts will be welded solid, but for now it allows us to make some adjustment to how the engine fits in the Mini.

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