Training Run and Weight

So, I’ve decided to track a few things on my way to the goal.
One of them is the pace I’m running at, and making sure that it is manageable for the long distance run of 10km. 
The second is my weight, which has been increasing over winter (probably keeping me far too warm!)
Today was a 10km run, which will be followed up on Friday, one of the more quicker turn arounds – and of course with Cricket in the middle.
My weight dropped a KG in the first week of training. Today, it’s back up that kg as some of the fat turns to muscle, and some of my eating habits catch up with the exercise.
I’m not doing this to lose weight as such, and I know if that was a goal I’d have to sort out my diet, but I figure I can track it and see what this training does for it.

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