Training Complete

A short 10 minute jaunt after paying a visit to Mitre 10 later, and I’ve completed my training plan for the 10km run that sets off tomorrow morning.
Since November 17, I’ve run a total of 122.98km.
That’s almost 3 marathons across 4 months.
Part of me can’t quite believe it.

The rest of me can. My calves have been sore for a month or so. My mind has become a bit despondant towards exercise of late, and I’m kind of glad that it will be all over after tomorrow.
Of course, I still want to keep some form of exercise up, but what form that takes I’m not sure.
I’ve had people ask me this week whether I’m ready for the run on Sunday. Truth be told – I’m not sure. All I know is that I’ve followed the training plan I set myself to. I’ve done my best. I’ve put myself in the best possible position to be able to complete tomorrow’s run.
I guess there’s nothing left to do but rest until tomorrow!

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